What we do


The Foundation ensures that the learners’ school fees, uniforms and stationery are covered moreover we also give them the necessary tools to fulfil their potential and become leaders in their communities through various programmes and projects:

  • Tutoring programme and a supplementary syllabus
  • Mentorship programme by professionals in training across various careers with a similar background
  • The MH Book Club which introduces them to a world of literature beyond the prescribed curriculum
  • Personal Development Programme in which each learner identifies an area of specialist interest, and can choose either new languages, arts & culture, sports, leadership or music
  • A Social Upliftment Projects which includes our adopt-a-scholar, school improvement and community development projects
  • MH Real Dreams Project in which each learner is encouraged to follow their dreams and are supported through real-life experiences to make their dream more tangible and help bring the dream closer
  • Sizwe care scholarship MH foundation fellows may become reciepients of the Sizwe care scholarship which provides financial support throughout their academic years


To get more information about individual projects and programmes please visit the MH projects tab on the website.