How to Apply


Annually, Grade 8 learners will be invited to apply to be an MH scholar. The selection process is divided into three components;

Application forms will be made available online and will also be distributed to schools upon request. Upon applying learners will be required to provide information such as demographic details, their past involvement in leadership and their academic record. During the second part of the application process they will be required to submit an essay to establish what their dream is, how they intend to realise it and how they think the  MH Foundation can assist them in that regard.  We are not necessarily looking for academically strong learners, but for those with the potential to fuel their dreams into becoming their reality.

An MH Foundation selection panel will then assess the application forms and select the strongest candidates who are then shortlisted in accordance with the pillars of the Foundation, being:

  • Leadership
  • Social Conscience
  • Education
  • Values
  • Social Responsibility 

The final process is our interview process where, after formal introduction and a specialised interview, the MH scholars are selected.

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Acceptance Criterion & Requirements