The Organisation


By enlisting the help of like-minded individuals in the process, Vuyane Mhlomi (or MH as he is fondly known to his friends) has helped develop the foundation from the farfetched dream of a young man from Khayelitsha, Cape Town; to a well run, young philanthropic initiative. Many large organisations have fallen behind Mhlomi and his team, raising their efforts to unimaginable heights and making his dream their own.

The MH Foundation is more than just a scholarship programme and enlists a number of projects implemented to achieve the goal of support and social upliftment. The selection criteria are based on academic performance, leadership potential and the learners’ proven desire to improve their society and the lives of others. We find it imperative that the learners remain in their original school, to encourage others around them and more importantly, to negate the stereotype of the inferiority of government funded schools and learners.

The very basis of the MH Foundation is the idea that“dreams, no matter how great, if not met with opportunity, will die.”