Letter from the Chief Dreamer


It is my fervent belief that one of the greatest crises facing the country is not, as most would believe to be HIV/AIDS or crime, but rather the lack of dreams by the youth. The reality is that in many indigent communities, very few will be able to receive an adequate education. Many have resigned themselves to living a life which substandard-one they do not want- because of the simple fact that they do not know better.


During my tertiary years at the University of Cape Town going home every vacation progressively difficult, as I was forced to see the light being snuffed from yet another set of eyes as those around me gave way to the need to “just get by”. The tragedy is that these are not physically or intellectually challenged individuals; these are people who have simply lost the ability to dream.


One of the greatest misconceptions I have heard, and serve to abolish is that nothing good can ever come from a township. The MH Foundation affords me the opportunity to continue fighting this misconception by helping scholars with potential within disadvantaged, marginalised communities and hopefully empower them to become mentors themselves.

Often opportunities are denied to capable individuals of previously disadvantaged backgrounds due to lack of resources, infrastructure, trained personnel and a lack of confidence in the said individual themselves. This has the eventual effect of discouraging not only the individual, but also the people who might look up to them, therefore, perpetuating the cycle of stagnation.

My ultimate hope is that we are able to groom socially responsible leaders that will join in the initiative of uplifting their immediate surroundings; communities are eventually bringing about change on a global level.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Vuyane Mhlomi
Chief Dreamer
MH Foundation